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Here’s today’s catch from Naschmarkt.

It’s usually best to avoid that market on a Saturday as it gets incredibly crowded, but that’s also the day you’re likely to find the best stuff, especially if you get up early. Which I refuse to do on a Saturday… Early is not what I do best.

The stuff in the bottle is called Sturm, and is at the pre-wine stage. This is a white Sturm. There is no knowing the real alcohol content at this point, but your head will usually give you an indication the next day… It tastes amazing. The first time we got one of these bottles we didn’t realise it wasn’t corked, so when it landed on its side in our carrier bag we lost half the content. Now we know better. Corking one of these could turn you into a suicide bomber…

Kevin also found that lovely coffee machine. The seller wanted €15 for it, I haggled it all the way down to €14… I’m clearly loosing my touch, or the Sturm is already getting to my head. It is one more useless object we can use to clutter our tiny space. We already have a load of old dial phones, an old slide projector, an old waist-level bellows camera (takes 120 film, but leaks light like crazy; only looks good on a shelf) and various other good-looking thingies that are going to make our move from here one helluvan ordeal when that time comes.

I wonder if I could get rid of any more shoes…?


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