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I have the BEST students!!

Had the second last lesson with this lot, and we had arranged one of my infamous ‘video lessons’… ‘Yes, Minister’! Here are some of the students setting up the equipment before the class started:
After the class I was in for a real surprise. One of them, Dino, had painted a picture for me and Kevin, a real, proper, big oil painting! It consisted of a combination of 5 flags (Scotland, Norway, England, the Union Jack and Austria) with two figures representing the two of us in the middle.
Here’s Charlie and Dino wrapping the painting in miles of bubble wrap for my journey home as it was raining that day:
I’m gonna miss these guys so much! I hope they continue with English classes, and I hope I get to be one of their teachers. I’m so lucky to meet people like these as an English teacher.


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