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Potty Pottery

Here’s one of my few remaining Mull pottery glasses that I so admire.

I wish I had the talent and knowledge to recreate them myself, but as talented as my pottery is I am still defeated by the wheel and can only dream. And at least I’m professional at that. And the makers of these wonders of human ability have stopped making them.

For now I stick with geometrical shapes with not a single wheel in sight. Here’s what I do:

These square or rectangular thingies become super-duper elegant serving dishes. This one is the 3rd one I’m making, and if I have time I will add a few more, even if Kevin thinks I’ve made too much stuff and should start giving it away. He’s one to talk! We have 2 record decks in the house here, one more in ‘storage’ with a friend in London and yet another on its way to his mum’s
… the last one was apparently bought just for the arm, but since then he’s changed his mind and went on to buy another arm for the one in London so now he’s going to swap the arms around, bring the one in London here and take the one going to his mum’s to Norway for my parents’ summer house. He says he’s not going to buy any more, but I know better. Before long they will start breeding and multiply. So I’ll make more pottery stuff and fill up my share of the flat with that.

Here’s one I made earlier:

I gave this set to my sister, and on seeing the candle sticks she immediately turned one of them upside down and declared that they would be much better as wine goblets. So that’s why I’m trying that idea out. Wine goblets with matching serving dish. Ok, so I’d given the candle sticks some rather silly ‘wings’ that didn’t quite work, but…

Apropos of nothing; I’m quite actively looking for a new flat for us. We could do with a little more space and a bigger kitchen – and then we can have a record deck in each room, try to keep them separate so they won’t breed. That aside; new place. I’ve seen two so far and won’t be seeing any more through agents.

In this country the agents are permitted to demand the equivalent of 3 months’ rent up front as commission, in addition to the 3 months’ rent you have to put down as a deposit! I’ve been told that this is somewhat out of sync with the rest of the EU countries and that several attempts have been made at bringing them into line with the rest of the union, but I’m not suprised the property agents here are refusing to follow suit. All that money for NO WORK! Who’d want to give up on that?

So we’re going private, somehow.


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