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In Sickness and in Health…

What a day/night/last night. Woke up at 5am to a husband who was crying with pain. We both felt so terribly helpless. At 8 we had to call The English Theatre and let them know Kevin could not make it in, that I would go in his stead and cover at least the morning as DSM (Deputy Stage Manager).

With about 4 hours of sleep to hold me up I staggered off to the rehearsal room to get things ready for the cast. Yeah… getting what ready exactly? I can honestly say I had no idea what I was doing. I unlocked the place and was there, and that was all I was able to do at that stage.

You would have thought that lectern is where the director would be sitting, but the company manager built it for Kevin who was unable to get up from a normal height chair. So now I’m the one perched there, which is just as well as I’m somewhat vertically challenged with my 1.5m.

At lunchtime I rushed home to see if Kevin needed anything. We talked to the ET and it was agreed that I had to take over the job completely, not just for a few hours today with no knowing when Kevin would next be able to move. He needs to get some serious rest and not worry about things all the time. It’s just that we are worriers, by nature.

Back to rehearsal, informed the cast of the state of affairs, they were very gratious – as was the director – though I had to leave early to teach a class at 4, though I’ve by now informed Berlitz that I’m unavailable until the show opens. They were good too. They’re all good, all the people I’ve let down. I hope Kevin gets better soon. It’s been so long, and I just hate to see him in such pain.

Not quite how I had envisaged my return to the theatre… had great plans to return as a top stage photographer. Did a shoot at the weekend for the Vienna Theatre Project, which is another English speaking theatre company, and the shots are really good, if I may say so myself. Can’t post any here yet as no decision has been made for what shot they want to use for the poster.

I’m exhausted.


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