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Shot in the Dark

Even though this is one of those typical results from shooting in the dark I rather like accidental results like this. I didn’t mean to do this! But it works for me.

I’m still truly frustrated at having a D70 which doesn’t live up to my expectations. After browsing Nikon’s extensive web-pages for a way to give them feed-back and request the addition of my two little friends from the F3 I give up and will be researching other camera makes. I don’t like companies that are too big for their own boots and make it impossible for customers to get in touch with their concerns or wishes. What a shame Nikon stopped being a serious company with the introduction of digital photography.

After my Daily Dose of Dooce (link on right) I am now getting ready to trot off to teach Norwegian. I have just got to 2004 in catching up with Dooce’s life so still have a fair number of posts to read. Oh, if only it were possible to curl up in bed with a good computer blog and a cup of hot chocolate! Life would be good then.

Met a seriously cute dog on the U4 (U-bahn) on my way back from teaching at Telekom. I’m sure his owner was cute too, but I’m afraid I paid little heed to her as the dog was very pleased to see me and happily jumped up next to me for a cuddle. A friend is reguarly torturing us with insanely cute pictures of puppies that are available for adoption. Please stop! Whahhhhh!!! I want a dog! But our cramped student flat is hardly suitable accommodation for a small family with dog.

I’m feeling somewhat panicky these days as I am about to undertake a journey I am not totally confident about. The route is Vienna – London – Newcastle – Stavanger – Ski – Vienna. The modes of transportation are plane, car, ferry, car, plane. Cleo is going to Norway as Uncle Leonard has decided to abandon us and move to the New World where his new/old girlfriend lives and where they are planning to get married. Though that is the most romantic story in the world, my point is that Cleo is losing her London home and will have to move to Vienna. So she is coming to Vienna with an extended stop-over in Ski.

Kevin can not come with me as he is in the middle of rehearsing Don’t Dress for Dinner, a charity performance that is to be performed in one of the most beautiful theatres I’ve ever seen, the Shoenbruenner Schloss Theater, from the 30th May. All gold and red. Each performance to be followed by a reception in various upmarket settings – way too good for the likes of us. We’ll just have to grab the nearest bottle of bubbly and make the most of it I guess. I hope all goes well and I will be back in time to enjoy the upmarket partying.


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