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Saturday, Cleo, Star Wars and Eurovision

Have just been to pick up an order from Nature’s Best for my dad. The box is ENORMOUS. What is he trying to do – embalm himself? Other things that have arrived are the fake ice cubes for Kevin’s play and – and this is the bit that’s actually of importance – the various bits and bobs for Cleo. I went over to the garage yesterday morning and got in the way, well actually I didn’t as none of the bits had arrived at that point so there was nothing to get in the way with, but I did my best and drank tea with Helen (admin) and Peter and was ogled by the shy teenager who’s there – every garage has one – and was silenced at by Sean who is the Mechanical Genious Who Never Speaks. There is one more guy there whose name I can’t remember but at least he talks and tells people to shut up which is fine with me in most cases. At least he communicates. Even if it is a form of gentle hostility. I can deal with that, it’s how I deal with the world myself.

The new seats did eventually arrive, and they looked great. Black velour with red piping. Front and back seats and headrests. I know, the back seat of a BGT is no more than a joke and hardly worth paying attention to, but it’s nice when they match the rest of the interior. We’re also having the door panels changed from the ancient ones in tan to black, and other interior trims, and as sad as it sounds I’m actually excited to get a cigarette lighter fitted (though we’re keeping the pointless red light which I was told was the switch for the heated wires in the rear window which have not been wired up, of course). I wanted to get rid of the ugly centre console, but as that would lead to changing the entire radio console and carpet around the gear stick, it will have to wait. Next time, Kevin! I promise! After I’ve sold my body and all my camera gear and jewelry so I can afford it.

In with the new…
…out with the old.And here she is, my baby:
And here she is after the bonnet incident… it hurts – it really hurts! My precious…

Yes, there was a bonnet incident. Peter was going slowly around a corner when the bonnet suddenly flew open and went far enough back to slam against the top of the windscreen where it was badly dented. So that’s another part to be replaced. No other accidents caused in the ‘incident’, and Peter is still intact, even if Cleo is not.

My contribution while at the garage was pretty much to open the boxes, but apart from that it was a little disconcerting being silenced into oblivion by Sean who would make a great spy and whose concentration I did not wish to break as there is not a lot of time left before I have to head off to that ferry in Newcastle and me hoping to learn anything about my car from Peter and Sean was mere wishful thinking – there simply isn’t time. Instead I spent time hovering in the general garage area and cuddling Peter’s new dog, Sasha. She’s the same kind of dog as his old one, Charlie, and with the same sweet temper. A Mastiff.

You can see the ogling teenager in the background here. In this instance he combines ogling with walking which very nearly impressed me. Sasha is still convinced she is a wee puppy and would occasionally try to curl up in my lap which is about big enough for one of her paws.

Friday night we went for a meal at the tapas bar next door. It’s called La Viña and is really good. Leonard’s brother joined us after his violin lesson, and Colin stated that Craig reminded him of Leonard if Leonard was to do an impersonation of Bob Hoskins. We’re not sure it went down totally well with Craig. Colin is a VERY FAMOUS MOVIE STAR; he starred in the first Star Wars film and is being shipped over to Hollywood this month to sign autographs and then have the travelling experience of a lifetime zig-zagging by car through various states. I would have said Route 66, but the route has been changed to a variety of other routes and will continue to mutate as the fancy takes him. May he have the trip of a lifetime!

Colin, left, then Craig/Bob and then Leonard.

The plan for the evening is for Leonard and myself to slowly and leisurely walk over to Simon and Lorraine’s and their waif-like son and their two sour cats (they’re sweet and unfriendly at the same time – very cat-like in that sense). There we will spend the evening drinking wine and hurling abuse at the various contestants at the Eurovision Song Contest and laughing at Terry Wogan’s brilliantly understated insults and generally have a good time taking the piss out of all things trash. And vote for the worst/best/most tasteless/out of tune/idiotic song.


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And the Fun Begins…

Saw Cleo yesterday. She looked well, and went well, and Peter gave her a thorough test-drive to find out all the things we need to do with her. She has in general behaved extremely well over the past few months, but she did throw a Cleo at the end of the day… When Peter was on his way back to the garage with her after all the test-driving the bonnet suddenly flew open and scared the living shit out of him. Luckily, nobody got hurt, Peter included, but he sounded extremely frazzled on the phone message he left for me poor guy. So now, in addition to all the other things we’re changing, she’s also getting a new bonnet.

Oh, Cleo, don’t you understand that we’re giving you lots and lots of attention and that you don’t have to scream for more?

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