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Alone At Home

I’m at home on a hot Sunday while Kevin is away rehearsing Don’t Dress for Dinner. My intention and purpose for the day was/is to work on the pictures for same show, get them press-ready as well as make a power point presentation that can be projected at the theatre during and after the show at Schönbrunner Schlosstheater. But… as it is Sunday and I fancy a break I am instead letting my mind wander to all sorts of relevant and less relevant things such as continuing the work on the new layout of my web-page, playing with new photos in PhotoShop and getting slightly annoyed with my own lack of HTML-knowledge which is taking on an ever-increasing hue of trial and error and further error in trying to get the new blogger options to work for me. I am STILL NOT HAPPY.

And then my mind wanders to Cleo and Norway and the wearing of national dress on the 17th May (the Norwegian constitution day), my beautiful family – the people who make my life worth living – and the watching of school parades and citizens parades and other marvellous 17th May events, some more explicable than others.

My sister (on the sofa, right) and her family during a remarkably quiet moment. They had been up since the early hours to attend various school events and were already exhausted. These are some of the people who make my life worth living. Their ‘new’ dog is a delightful 6-year-old gun dog who failed her hunting test. Apparently she chased birds with such enthusiasm none of the hunters were able to get in a single shot. Kaisa; you’re my kind of dog!

Me, by my niece Lone. Yes, I am wearing my national dress and am slighly out of focus. I am better that way.

The Wearing of National Dress is one of those things we all do on the 17th May, provided we have one. I noticed that my dress, which stems from Gudbrandsdalen, was not represented in the parade in spite of being one of the more common dresses. I am proud to say that my mother and I did all the embroidery on the dress, though we needed a little professional help putting the whole thing together. It took YEARS to do!

Right. This one is a little hard to explain. These teenagers dressed in red are graduate students from the Norwegian version of senior high school, and we call them ‘russ’ which has nothing to do with Russia. They dress either in red or blue, depending on the type of school they have been attending, party to excess throughout May while also trying to pass their final exams. The kid in the foreground is running around with a water-balloon which he delighted in smashing between the legs of the russ at great personal risk of being subjected to The Great Russ Wrath. Kids also beg ‘russekort’ off the graduates which is a form of ‘My First Business Card’ and displays name, nickname and a joke or quote of some kind and other relevant information each russ thinks is important. The jokes or quotes are usually fairly lame, but that’s only to be expected from teenagers. Mine was ‘A person without a religion is like a fish without a cycle’ which I thought was amazingly witty and profound.

And on it wanders, to the rather delightful group of actors Kevin is directing at the Meinl residence just as I write this. I think of their enormous garden with the swimming pool where Alex and David did a slow-motion tandem jump yesterday, and of Alex who splashed another actor so badly he walked off in a huff (the man has hair-issues — and he had his mobile phone in his pocket). I think of their two very sweet labradors forever pretending to be of the starving and badly put-upon masses doing their utmost to psyche any passing human into dropping food into their open mouths.

Example of a poor, starving labrador trying to hypnotise food into magically falling into her mouth.

Tandem splash.

And I think that it is high time I showered and got dressed as I’ve been sitting here, in front of the computer, all morning in my much too hot dressing gown drinking tea and getting annoyed with that HTML thing. It is time for some SERIOUS GROOMING!


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