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We went to a party on Friday. That was fun, and a little mad. It was with the Don’t Dress for Dinner lot. I may not be accurate here, but I think we were 1 cat, 2 dogs, at least 3 fish, 5 kids and 10ish adults. I say -ish as I’m really not sure. Were there more? Did some come, did some go? I just know that all moved around a lot, that cocktails were made, that beers were opened, that food was eaten, that dogs were played with, that cat was chased, that none of the children were crying, that the adults may well have been crying. It was agreed that DDfD was a hit and should have been taken on world tour.

On the way to the party we saw something incredibly sad. Kevin said all of a sudden, staring out the tram window; ‘you don’t want to see what I just saw’. So I turned to look, because that is what one does when someone tells one something like that. It’s a law. The ‘Don’t Look Now’-law, §1.

It was a woman. About my age, perfectly normally dressed and all. But she had pulled her skirt up around her waist and was having a long, hard pee right there. On the pavement. At the bus-stop. In full view of all. Initial reaction; disgust. Then sadness. When you reach the stage where you simply no longer care, then what is left? We didn’t tell anyone at the party about her.

Did I never see blatant human misery in London or Oslo? Of course I did. But here I have seen more, and a lot more women who succumb, and the pooping and peeing side is more in-your-face, so to speak. I’ve always been disgusted by men who pee in doorways or lifts or wherever, but when women give in to the call of nature in full public view it takes on a whole different dimension and I can only draw the conclusion that women who do that have no one who care about them, have in some way lost their mind, are in some way mentally ill. And mental illness is one type of illness that I dread. I have no idea how to deal with it, being of the British persuasion pretending that all is well and all you need do is pull yourself together! I know better – in theory.

So I think she was ill. I think no-one cared about her. I think the people who passed and those who stood nearby and pretended not to see were as scared and disgusted by her illness as I was.

On Saturday I went out to get some stuff for dinner. Suddenly I felt part of my left field of vision going fuzzy; the early sign of an oncoming migraine. And I knew it was going to be a bad one. And I could not shop – the worst destiny of all. I called Kevin and let him know that I would be out of action for the rest of the day and that I was going to come home, hopefully without getting run-over by an unseen car (drivers here are dangerous at the best of times, driving with the reckless abandon of Italians and the aggression of Germans – with powerful German cars that can handle the impact of human bodies without showing as much as a dent). Half-way back the love of my life suddenly stood by my side, took my hand and led me home.

I have someone who cares for me.


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