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The most boring thing in the world are people who insist on loading their every last photo onto Flickr. Or Facebook. Or Deviantart. Or such. And, believe me, it is not true that digital photography is about to erase the line between professionals and amateurs.

Here is a minimal list of misconceptions:
PhotoShop can make any picture good.
It’s all about the gear.
Digital cameras are so good now that all you need to do is press the shutter release and the camera does the job.
No. That’s what YOU do. Bloody amateur. A great camera can not make up for a crap photographer.

Oh, the times I’ve been on the receiving end of the gushings of over-eager friends who’ve invested good money in good gear and then insist on showing me every. single. shot. they have taken since they pulled the gear out of its boxes. And of course they insist on showing me every last piece of gear from same boxes. And sometimes the boxes. And since they got that dream-digital-camera of theirs the number of horribly horrid shots has multiplied to the uncountable. And now they even bring their laptops to bore me! They show me 800 identical pictures from that wedding and a zillion pictures from their last holiday and then they talk ad nauseam about just how big the memory card is – as if I didn’t know this by now?!

And not only that. They send me picture files by e-mail – straight from their cameras – just because they can. So my in-box is being inundated with huge files of dull pictures that have little or no interest to me or anyone else for that matter just because they can. These are the people who wax lyrical about PhotoShop – and then they are totally and utterly incapable of using it to reduce the friggin pictures for an e-mail. Are you really so delusional that you think I have any interest in printing out a high-res print of your shots to hang over the stereo? These geniuses of equipment overload can’t even be bothered to learn the most basic things about screen resolution v. print resolution.

And they refuse to add a minimum of self-criticism to their choice of what they foist on their friends and foes. Show your foes a load of shit photographs and they laugh, show your friends the same and they cringe with embarrassment at having to pretend that you are such a talented photographer, only goes to show that there is hardly any difference between amateur and professional any more…! And I want you to know right now that when I say this I am lying.


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