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Wondering about changing blog-host

I like the designs from WordPress a lot, and the layout options and such. So I thought that perhaps it was time for a change. But it’s taking a while because there is so much information to take in and stuff to coordinate so – for now you still find me on midgetviking.blogspot.com.


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I had the most bizzarre dream last night

I was acting in my new job as – ehrrm – not quite sure here, but the job was new and I was talking to a couple from Niger who’d had their daughter circumcised. At home on their kitchen table. And I was trying to explain to them that in England, this is known as mutilation and is illegal and that they would have to sign over custody of their daughter to the animal shelter. Which is where we foster circumcised children. I explained all this in German. Long, complicated sentences about English law, circumcision and how terribly wrong they were to have done this. In German. To a couple from Niger. Where everyone speaks German. And my sister kept pouring me large glasses of sect – I’m not averse to bubbly, but no matter how much I drank the glass did not empty in any way – while she tried to draw my attention to this concert she had organised with handicapped children from the local community and she had managed to have an old theatre re-opened for this, a stunning red, white and gold rococo theatre in Rome and it was Christmas and Jeff an Maureen, who were also going to grace this concert with appearances as Scrooge and Martha in operatic form, had decorated the floor with stunning, golden glass balls and tinsel which made it hard to sit down and my sister got really impatient with me when I kept talking to this couple from Niger and then started photographing their daughter’s terrible wounds for the court case against them and they would just not understand that they had done anything wrong and I kept speaking German and trying to get all my verb conjugations right – as if they cared, they couldn’t understand me anyway – and Kaisa kept nudging me for walkies all the time as well and where the hell was Kevin all the way through all this? And then they started tarmacking the stage. Because that’s how one prepares for concerts.

I am so tired.

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