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From Humanoid to Human

I have it on good authority (my mother, Top Authority Number 1) that my nephews are no longer fighting a protracted war. They have stopped spending every minute they see each other trying to squeeze each other’s heads into the ground or pull each other’s arms out of their sockets.

They have, in fact, turned into Human Beings. Not only that; they are polite, helpful and nice to talk to – and very, very good-looking.

I will admit that when visiting this summer I noticed the absence of regular yelps of pain followed by tears and accusing outbursts along the line of ‘HE started it!’ – which I am sure he did.

I thought it was all a show put on for my benefit after my reaction to one of their painful wrestling matches on an earlier visit where I managed to match their screaming with an equally inarticulate outburst accusing them of being little more than *¢§•ª¡# primitive animals – I am sure I proved my point by being such a good example. People with no kids are always better at setting a good example than their parents and always know more about child-rearing than anybody else in the known universe.

I congratulate my sister and brother-in-law on Mission Achieved and rest my case.


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