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Only Boring People Get Bored

When I get bored, or can’t think of anything better to do – yes, it happens to me too – I faff around on the internet. Over the past couple of years I’ve been bored enough to register with a number of those forums where bored people register, only to forget either username or password, or both. Among these forums are: DeviantArt, MySpace, foto.no, Meebo, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, Monster (German version and UK version), BBC (just so I could comment on stuff – which I did once and then promptly forgot all registration details), Careesma, my3cents, Skype, Yahoo, NRK, Typekey and the latest; Facebook. And a few others, but my old age forbids me any recall of those. As well as making it impossible to remember aforementioned username and passwords.

I’ve tried to make a list of registrations, but I made that list in a password protected word document and… yes, I’ve forgotten the password.

The main reason I just can’t be bothered with these forums in the long run is because I tend to find them somewhat – juvenile. There. I said it. Juvenile. And it reminds me of when I was in school and I was not the most popular girl. Not by any stretch of the imagination. How could I be? I was… weird. Small. Freckly. Impish. Small. Oh, I said that already.

Now, at the moment Facebook is actually making a little bit of an impact. I’ve found childhood friends again, and that’s really nice. But. I absolutely loathe all the toys! The applications one can add, especially those who refer to popularity, like ‘Top Friends’. And then there is the public count of all your friends for all to see – or perhaps, all your friend. It sends me straight back to those days when I felt oh so insecure and insignificant and – small. I said it again. SMALL.

Now, I’m not that small. For China I’m quite average. But I was born in Norway, the land of the tall, blonde people. Good thing I wasn’t born in Holland; they’re even taller there. I wonder if they’re that tall because Holland is so flat? No mountains to climb to get a view, might as well be tall and get a view that way…? One gets used to climbing on stuff when one is small. But will I still be able to scale chairs and tables when I’m 80?

I’ll think about that while I consider forgetting my login details for Facebook.


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