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"condoms are infected with HIV deliberately"

Heading taken from this article.

This has been a strange week. At the beginning of the week I received ‘The God Delusion’ by Richard Dawkins in the mail. So far, after 2 chapters, there is little I haven’t already thought and continue to think. See above for the ignorance of religious leaders. So I guess he’s not getting a new convert in me, I’ve been there all along. Organised religion continue to strike me as a bizarre idea.

Tuesday I had a job interview. I had promised myself that I wouldn’t apply for a job I didn’t really want just because I needed the money, that I’d have to be near starvation before doing that. When I finally found one I wanted I applied according to vow made. I made the interview and was even one of the two finalists. I didn’t get it. Bugger. Life is one big competition, and I just hate those.

But more than anything I’ve been nailbitingly following the events in Burma. And for once, organisation does make sense. The bravery of the Burmese monks is breathtaking and I hope the media continue to keep Burma in the public conscience. I found this portrait on one of the Facebook groups – I don’t know who took it, but the picture speaks a thousand words:

Tomorrow is red-t-shirt day in support of the Burmese monks. I don’t own a t-shirt, but red shall be found in other forms. My clothes heap is embarrassingly large.


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