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Working late

So it’s back to the ‘good old’ grindstone. In my absence we changed over to a new server here at work. One of the results is that sending out the review newsletter takes OVER AN HOUR of me just sitting here. And in general it also means I end up with something like a 14-hour day. At least it’s only twice a month. But I must admit I’m insanely tempted to open that bottle of wine someone’s left in the fridge… cold white wine… I think Mischa is in for a brief pub-crawl on the way home.

In spite of my colleague’s terror of all things canine I had to pop home and fetch Mischa; can’t leave him entirely on his own all day and all night in addition. So I tip-toed in with him, muzzle on and all, and got him to lie quietly next to my desk. Once my colleague was gone and I could take the muzzle off he was a nuisance and kept groaning with boredom, whimpering while staring at me with a look of ‘don’t you get that I am a sad and lonely puppy that needs to have is tummy tickled ALL THE TIME’, then he started pacing back and forth behind me, leaning heavily against my chair as he did so. Not at all disturbing. Now he’s finally settled down and is lying splat in the middle of the floor with his legs in the air snoring loudly. Louise called him an old man in the guise of a dog. I think she has a point. (Louise is, by the way, my roomie from the operation at the AKH — oh, and Louise; I’ve opened up that post for comments since you complained that I hadn’t told all. I dare you!)

Man, the thought of that bottle of wine… BLOODY NEWSLETTER THINGY — GET A FECKING MOVE ON!

Mischa is awake again, and the whimpering-groaning has resumed. I’m very close to joining him. I think it’s either that or attacking that bottle in the fridge. Whoops! Chair-leaning again! But we’re just about done. Pub: here we come!


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