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A bit of an oversight…

I must be the only blogger in the world who managed not to comment on the recent US elections and say:

Congratulations, America!

All of “socialist Europe”, as the über-reactionary part of the US is wont to call us, is sighing a sigh of relief at the Republicans finally being booted out and a collective (at least as seen from a distance) US picked someone who may think for more than a nanosecond before he invades another country.

Sarcasms aside. Seriously, I don’t expect Obama to be able to save the world, but I do have the impression that this time the best man won, and waking up to the news, even though it was in German which is always a little disquieting, was absolutely brilliant. Until Ö3 played this song for the nth time this week — man, that radio station is the most repetitive in the history of mankind! So that’s when I finally caved in my resolve to stick with German speaking radio and pattered into the living room to stream BBC Radio 4 over the internet to hear the news sensibly broadcast without sickly interruptions from sickly songs. Ok, not sickly songs, after all I liked that song initially, but having heard it a zillion times I can honestly say I would feel a lot better if there was some guarantee that I would never have to hear it again. Ever.

But anyway: thanks America, for bringing at least a beacon of hope into the world.


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