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I realise that my looks are of no importance to you, and I am grateful that you are a less shallow person than myself. Normally I, too, concern myself with more substantial thoughts than that of the state of my hair. Such as this. Or this. And this. And of course there is this. I think about that last one a lot at the moment.

But you see… no one has ever sheared my hair with such savagery before, leaving such a miserable result. And it is a shock when one is used to getting away with cuteness to suddenly discover that “cute” is very far from being the right word. Wrinkled old prune is closer to the mark. With the stress on “wrinkled” and “old”. AND with a bad haircut.

Trust me, if I were able to use Mischa as a toupé, I would. At least he has nice hair. All over.

Eleven days down, one thousand and eighty four to go.


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