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Complaint received — comments

As you are sure to have noticed, I do in general not keep comments open. I’ve recently received a complaint about that in connection with this and this post. As in “How can you throw these questions out there and not let people answer you, silly woman?”

Answer: that is because I AM a silly woman. And because, in general, this blog is a monologue. And because I learned it from a former friend. She stated that if I objected to anything she said I was disloyal, evil and out to hurt her. And was in no way worthy to be a friend of hers. When I asked her if she was the same when disagreeing with me, she totally hit the roof yelling at me that THAT scenario in no way compared.

Hm. I thought it did. Quite well, actually.

I’ve opened the comments section for those two (+ this) posts. But don’t think I have any intention of letting it become a habit.


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