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TV the German/Austrian Way

‘Come here!’
‘Yes, this is scary.’
‘They’re not real.’
‘Even if they’re not real, this is scary. — You’re right – they don’t move much.’
‘They’re made from concrete. She’s made from concrete. —– So — you don’t find that a turn-on , then?’
‘No dear, I don’t think anyone could find that a turn-on.’
‘Glad to hear it.’



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Begging to Blog

I admit that writing a blog is a bit like bouncing up and down screaming ‘ Memememememeeeeee!’. But that’s ok. In entering into the world of blogging (in spite of the me-factor I’m not totally sure why I did it) I also found that I was interested in what other bloggers had to say about this and that. But I’m not a great one for topical discussion forums, so when I came across Dooce I thought I’d died and gone to Blog Heaven. And now that I’ve looked around a little I know that what I look for in other bloggers is someone who writes well – someone I can envy, in the best possible way, and learn from. And someone who dares to be personal and tell me a little about themselves.

Americans often fall into that category, and I guess that’s not surprising having the most blogger-mileage in the world. I have no idea who comes second having made no studies of this, and frankly, I don’t give a damn. And I’ve just found another blogger whose blog I really like; bornfamous. Very cool lady. So both have been added to the links list on the left (hey! good alliteration!).

Last night I wanted to find bloggers from China, the nation that grows so fast technologically it leaves nothing but speeding stripes in its wake – and in other ways seems so alien to me – I thought it might be interesting. So I did a quick search and came across some sort of Chinese blogger list which threw up a bunch of blogs by ex-pats who live in China for one reason or another. Mostly American. So there we go again; Americans. They seem to get everywhere. One is called the-bitter-melon, and he writes well (well, he is a teacher of journalism after all – not that I have any expectations ever), so I’ll keep an eye on him for a while. And then maybe add him on the left. And possibly post in his comments sections if I can find anything of interest to say, which is clearly not a given.

But my search was actually for Chinese bloggers, the Chinese view, not the foreign view. And I came across Yvonne, a Chinese interpreter. But she hasn’t updated since March, so I’m not sure if she’s still active. And I found Indo Dreamin’, but can’t find out a great deal about him as he’s not giving that much away, but I quite like the way he writes so – we’ll see. [Have been reading some of Indo’s early posts now and I guess the name should have worked as a clue; he’s Indian. Duh. Added 17.25]

I haven’t tried to dig into the African ‘market’ yet – that’s for the future I think. But it would be interesting to collect female bloggers from around the world in my links list. Sorry guys – I’m mostly interested in what other women have to say, more than what men say. Even if the Chinese experience has turned up more men than women.

So, if you’re a female blogger, preferably, or know of some good bloggers, let me know. Comments is open!

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